Adding students/teachers to the EtonX platform

To provide access to EtonX courses for teachers and students in your school, school administrators should follow these steps:

Adding users to the platform

  • Login to the learning platform:
  • On the left-hand menu, click on the School Administration icon (only visible to users with this role):
    school admin
  • Click on the ‘Bulk Add Learners’ option and download the csv template as follows:
  • Add your students and teacher data to the CSV template:
    • The ‘Username’ field can be a repeat of the user’s email address and can be copied across from the email address field. This field must be lowercase.
    • The 'Email' field must contain a valid email address for each user as their login credentials will be automatically emailed to them.
    • The ‘Team’ says its optional, but we'd strongly recommend you use it to allocate courses as this simplifies the next step. Here are some recommendations for naming your Teams:
      • Individual classes (i.e. if you have different teachers who want to just see the progress of their class) e.g. Class 5b 2022-23
      • Entire cohorts (i.e. a whole year group of students) e.g. Year 11 2022-23
      • We’d recommend including the current academic year as part of the Team name so that you can then have the same class / cohort in subsequent academic years and retain the data for the previous classes.
    • The ‘ID Number’ is entirely optional but can be used for student exam numbers should you wish. If used, it must be unique.

5. Upload the template (via the ‘Bulk Add Learners’ button)

6. The users should then show in the table. Any errors will be flagged.

IMPORTANT: adding users to the platform does not mean they can access courses. Courses need to be allocated to Teams or Users as shown below.

Allocating courses or programs

To give students and teachers access to the courses, you need to follow these steps:

  1. In the School Administration tool, click on the ‘Allocations’ tab and select 'Manage Allocations' from the dropdown menu.
  2. Click ‘Allocate’ next to the relevant course or program.
  3. Select which allocation method you wish to use 'Allocate to Users' or 'Allocate to Teams'.  As above, we'd recommend 'Allocate to Teams' for large cohorts of students.
  4. Tick the box(es) adjacent to the learner(s) or Team(s) you wish to access that course and click ‘Save changes.’ The users will then automatically receive an email notification containing a link to the platform prompting them to login.
  5. All selected users should now be able to access the course(s). 

Allocating teacher roles

Teachers will be able to see all student grades and progress for any of Team of which they are a member. To allocate teacher roles, follow these steps:

  1. In the School Administration tool, click on the ‘Allocations’ dropdown menu and select ‘Course Roles’.
  2. Tick the box for any teachers and click ‘Save Changes’

As school administrator(s), you may wish to make yourself a member of every Team too in order to then track students' grades etc.