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Adding students to your school/organisation

How do I add students into the EtonX Platform?

There are several different methods for adding students into your school/organisation depending on your needs. To begin, you will need to have the School Administrator role added to your account. This will allow you to see the Organisation Manager tab on the side. If you require this role adding to your account, please email support@etonx.com

Students are also able to sign-up themselves, provided they use their academic email address. Once logged in, they will have access to the full suite of EtonX courses for free.


Method 1: Import the students via CSV file

Bulk Add Learners Template (38).csv

  • Click on the ‘Bulk Add Learners’ option and download the csv template as follows:


  • Add your students and teacher data to the CSV template:

    • The ‘Username’ field can be a repeat of the user’s email address and can be copied across from the email address field. This field must be lowercase.
    • The 'Email' field must contain a valid email address for each user as their login credentials will be automatically emailed to them.
    • The ‘Team’ says its optional, but we'd strongly recommend you use it to allocate courses as this simplifies the next step. Here are some recommendations for naming your Teams:
      • Individual classes (i.e. if you have different teachers who want to just see the progress of their class) e.g. Class 5b 2022-23
      • Entire cohorts (i.e. a whole year group of students) e.g. Year 11 2022-23
      • We’d recommend including the current academic year as part of the Team name so that you can then have the same class / cohort in subsequent academic years and retain the data for the previous classes.
  • The ‘ID Number’ is entirely optional but can be used for student exam numbers should you wish. If used, it must be unique.

  1. Upload the template (via the ‘Bulk Add Learners’ button)

  2. The users should then show in the table. Any errors will be flagged.


Method 2: Invite your students via a URL code

You can invite your students directly into the EtonX platform, without the requirement of academic email addresses

  • Click the ‘Copy Join URL’ button and send to your students. Be aware that anyone with this code will be able to log into and create an account.
  • Students will be presented with the sign-up form and will appear in the learner tab once successfully signed up.


Method 3: Invite your students to join teams via a URL code

You can invite your students into the platform in a similar manner to method 2 but also automatically sort them into any teams/groups you wish to.

  • Login to the learning platform: https://my.etonx.com/login/index.php

  • On the left-hand menu, click on the School Administration icon (only visible to users with this role):

  • In the ‘Manage Members’ dropdown, click Teams.

  • Any teams you have previously set up will appear here, or you can new ones.

  • Click the ‘Copy Join URL’ either within the team table or within the team view. You can now send this to your students and they will automatically be added into this team upon successful sign-up.